Mobile In My Opinion

I am particularly interested in mobile industry. On a broad side, “mobile industry” include not only mobile phones but also wearable devices such as Google glasses/Holo Lens and VR devices. I care not only about current problems facing the industry such as energy consumption, excessive information overload, but also the future development of this industry: The ultimate form of mobile, I think, is a wearable “Personal Assistant”, an adaptable, open platform which could help people handle daily tasks and information. We are not talking about imagination or scenes in some movies, but an appropriate deduction from current trends, and there have been some trials towards this direction:

Infrastructure Side

On the infrastructure side, platforms should be able to get all informations a user has to handle. These information contains not only information from open, accessible internet sites, but also user information inside applications. For example, a helpful Personal Assistant could not only alert you of the upcoming rain, but also recommend appropriate schedules according to your personal preferences (if you can not go out today, maybe you can try your favorite new game in your Xbox). To solve this problem, “Deep Linking” and “In-App Search/App Indexing” technologies enable some platforms to gather and organize informations not only in network but also in isolated applications.

Existing Trials and Ultimate Goal

There have been some successful trials towards organizing information on some platforms. For example, Global Search in iOS and Google Now are examples are able to search information from all sources (the internet, information inside your applications). On the “assistant” side, however, this is not enough, we still have to handle excessive, repeated, useless information by ourselves. For the future development, “personal assistant” powered by big data and artificial intelligence could gather, tag, merge all these informations and even judge people’s needs through their previous behaviors and current condition.

My Trials

And I have made some trials: I developed three applications which focus on different stages of “handling and consuming excessive information”. During my internship in SnapPea, I developed the notification management feature which could manage notification information in mobiles according to their priorities and contents. During my startup experience in Nightingale, I developed web crawlers and an application to gather and screen useful information for users. In addition, my personal project “Weio”, a Weibo (Chinese Twitter) client, tried to provide better user experience when people are “consuming” information of different type such as website inside tweet, long image inside tweet.