It has been a long time since I publish my last post. Since the Chinese new year, I have explored a lot of fun in life.

The most important thing: I found myself a cooking talent!

Last month, my trial in western dishes was pretty successful (although these dishes are quite basic). This time, I experimented some dishes with more skills, such as the control of temperature, degree of salt, and the use of pot (rolling and shifting).

Here are some outcomes:

Baked potatoes (with cheese)

Cheese can be cooked with anything!
A old Chinese saying: Cheese is Power

Alt text

Braised ribs

It tasted really sweet and juicy
Cooking that dishes require extraordinary patience and skill in stir frying

Alt text


It’s my first trial in baking grain food. Without a blender, I knead the grain compound for a hour. While I can only gave it 7/10 point since a blender could knead the compound more completely.

Alt text
Alt text

Fired pho with eggs and vegetables

Simple as it looks, this food is the touchstone of one’s cooking skills. Because it requires not only the skill in temperature management (expecially difficult on a gas furnace) but also the skill in rolling pans, both of these skills are quite difficult for amateur.

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